Fabric Pattern

I made my mom a purse out of a kit she had bought with fabric and I really enjoyed it however my closet is full of unused material lol so I was wondering anyone know of a free pattern to make a fabric handbag?? Or anyone know the width each strip should be?? I used all of mom’s before I thought of the idea thought it would be a good way to use up all that fabric ya know make room for yarn :lol: TIA

You can use strips of fabric in place of yarn for any pattern. Pick a pattern you like, then check the required gauge, particularly needle size. Using a needle gauge (sizer), cut a strip and fold it in half. Slip it through the hole on the sizer that’s the same as the required needle size. If the strip slides through easily, but fills the hole pretty well, it’s a good size to use with that needle. Cut a few strips that size, then knit a small swatch to check how the fabric will look. :thumbsup:

Thank you Silver!! I seen that on knitty gritty with yarn if ya lost the wrapper but never would have thought about using fabric YEAHHHH :happydance: thank you again!! :smiley:

I haven’t tried it, but the eample that I saw cut the fabric strips on the bias. I don’t know if it makes a difference…possibly just stretchier.