Fabric Knitting kweshtun

i just found a kit to make a purse at hobby lobby (btw…they are 1/3 off until saturday and there are several packages of different types of patterns…including baby stuff!)

i was looking at the instructions to make the purse and it said to knit in stockinette stitch for 16 inches.

Won’t i have rolling problems with it if i do that without any border (which is not called for at all) or does that not happen with fabric. Or is the point moot since it will be sewn into a purse when it is done?


I am pretty sure that since you will sew the panels into a purse you will take care of the rolling.

Yes, she’s right. It will roll up for now, but sewing it will take care of the problem. :smiley:

thanks ladies, that’s what i suspected…

now let’s talk about the whole new host of problems that will come from me sewing :rollseyes: