Fabric For Sale

During organizing, I found some material I had stored in an oak chest.
I don’t sew, and would like to offer it to you all for sale.
If you want it, please let me know.
It weighs, altogether, about 4 - 4 3/4 pounds, so, shipping, if from Florida to way out in California, would cost 10.50 cents.
I calculated the shipping from the USPS site, and picked the farthest state away, for worst case scenario.
The cost of the fabric is, let’s say… 8 dollars.
How’s that?

Here’s a photo of the fabric:

What kind of fabric is it? You say you don’t sew, so you may not know fiber content, but is this like a thin woven, a denim, corduroy, velveteen, knit, etc?

USPS flat rate box would hold it. I think the price is around $8.50 to anywhere in the US up to 70 pounds.

In the picture it looks like it’s all cottons - but its hard to tell just from a picture.

Some is like flannel, some is a lightweight cotton, the denim looking stuff doesn’t feel like denim, feels more like a cotton blend. Some looks like it has rayon (?) in it, because it’s kind of slippery. I don’t think any of it is stretchy. The second from the left is a lightweight corduroy.
Does that help? These fabrics are made for Florida weather, light weight, and they’ll let the breeze through.

Some is definitely a lightweight flannel.
Most others are cotton, or a cotton blend.

If you are interested, I will box it up, and get the post office to weigh it. I went to the USPS site, and their estimate was 10.50 for 4 or 4 and 3/4 pounds.
I will go as cheaply as I can, of course.