Fab site for anyone looking for stitch patterns and more!

Check this out, they even offer a free sweater pattern generator in addition to the many, many, MANY stitch patterns!

Wow, thanks for posting. I haven’t done a sweater yet, but you can be sure I’ll check this site out when I’m ready.

Hi Carol, you’re welcome! I always have a ball of scrap yarn and a pair of needles at my computer. They come in handy when I’m trying to learn from one of Amy’s videos and now when I want to try out some of those stitch patterns!

Great site Peg! Thanks for the link!

The site has an amazing amount of knitting info on it, but I get frustrated b/c they don’t have a lot of pictures of the patterns.

I bought a book 2nd hand that is fantastic for learning everything about knitting. Actually, it’s a “whole-needlecraft” book and knitting is just one chapter. It’s called the “Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.” The copyright date is 1979, so I don’t even know if it is still in print. But I think it has the best instructions I’ve come across next to Amy’s videos :slight_smile: