F.O. To Market, To Market Bag

I’m officially addicted to Market Bags, I started a Market Bag group on Ravelry for anyone else who shares this addiction :wink:

I saw this one in the most recent Creative Knitting (July 2010) and HAD to have it immediately :teehee: It’s called To Market, To Market by Maile Mauch.

The yarn is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton in Aqua colorway. My first time using it, it’s WONDERFUL!!!

Is that YARN I see in there!? This is another WINNER!
Market bags are so doggone useful, in addition to being pretty!

Oh my! I love that pattern!!! I love the color you used too!!! Gee whiz…another magazine I just might have to buy. Thanks a lot. heehee

Ah, I notice I assimilated you into the Market Bag group :wink: My work is done. LOL! I’m in LOVE with these bags, they hold SO much!

It’s worth it. Lots of cute summer tops in it too…don’t judge it by the cover’s top, I think they were shooting for the ugliest one to put on the cover! No offense to anyone who likes it, nor to the designer, but of all that’s in that magazine, that’s the last thing I’d make!

P.S.: Yup, on sale at Michael’s last week, so I got enough for at least 3 more bags :wink: We have a secret pal swap coming up on the Market Bag group, I have no idea who I’m going to get so might as well buy the yarn on sale now!

I like this bag alot! Thanks for posting the link, and for starting the market bag group - what a great idea!!

[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]What better way to tote [SIZE=3]a whole lot of yarn[/SIZE] home!

Very nice, and useful too.[/COLOR][/B]

oohh - very pretty! love that design! will have to check out that mag. :wink:

that is sooooo pretty!! I love market bags, too~and this is one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen! Love the color too-in fact, I think I have that very yarn in my stash :slight_smile:

Very pretty! I love the color, too!

Yes, and it is written so you don’t have to move the markers, so it leaves a ‘seam’, not a big deal. But next one I will try moving the markers. Either way I love it.