F.O.=straights case

i’ve been working on this for awhile and finally made the push to finish it. i’m bad bad bad about hopping from project to project and not getting many finished. :wall:

it’s a felted body, with cables that hold the needles. next project is a similar case that is crocheted, then felted, to hold my crochet needles.

this was a freebie pattern from Berroco: http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/kable/kable.html

That is so awesome!

Very cool! Looks great. :slight_smile:

That is so nice!! I saw that pattern and now you have inspired me to try it since I saw how good your’c came out!!


now if only i had attached that one cable straight. :wall: :oops: :doh:

How cool is that! My straights are a mess, and I end up dumping them out just to find one matching set. What a great idea!

excellent! :cheering:

It looks terrific. Great job!

Nice work! I have the yarn ready to go for this one too but am trying to get the crochet hook case done first. You have inspired me!