F.O.: Provence Summer String Bag

This was my first Provence, I won’t show my 2nd, it was a horrible colorway, but what made it worse is my attempts at overdying it! Yuck! Will still work as a market bag!

I’m working on #3. It’s addictive!

Oh it’s so summery and beautiful! I think the color is great!

love it!!!

Ooh, I really like that one! Wish I could crochet better…

Join the market bag group’s swap, request a Provence, then someone else will make it for you :wink:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Teal]That’s [B][SIZE=3]really[/SIZE][/B] nice. Did you also make the hat[SIZE=3]?[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

Thanks. No, that’s store bought.

Girl, you are kicking butt with those bags!!! I know the basics of crocheting. This bag is making me want to pick up my crochet hook again…give it another go!

Lovely color, BTW!!!

It’s so easy, go for it!
Thanks, working on #3 :wink: - It’s Hobby Lobby’s I love This Cotton and MAN, do I love this cotton!

What yarn did you use for the first one? It is beautiful!! I am going yarn shopping today for the CAL! Can’t wait to start!

That was almost 4 skeins of Sugar 'n Creme in Hot Blue colorway.

My good friend Tabitha (an AWESOME designer, BTW) on Ravelry did this because she thought it was a Super Bag :smiley:

Oh…I also added a strap later:

The obligatory gratuitous cuteness pic below, and gratuitous request to adopt a pet at PETFINDER.COM! Shelter euthanasia rates up from 60% to 80% now with bad economy & people giving up their pets. :frowning:

It’s beautiful!! Love the pattern - thanks for the link!!

The strap, BTW, is not in the pattern. It’s just 7 single crochets across with a row of sc on each side, like the Lacy V bag, which I’ve also made.

#3 Finished :wink: