F.O. my very first sock!

I just finished my very first sock and I am really happy with it! It fits perfectly and I love the color. I followed Silver’s tutorial (so easy to understand!) and used Paton’s Decor yarn in “First Spring Varg” color.

Congrats! The sock looks really good for a first attempt. You should be very proud! Silver’s Tutorial is the way to go. Now cast on for that second sock right away so you can have a pair to be proud of!!!

LOOKS GREAT!:cheering:

Great job! My very first sock didn’t fit at all, so you are doing great! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll be casting on that second sock this afternoon - I can hardly wait to wear them!!

:yay: It looks great!

Looks great. My first pair of socks are still one of my favorites.

Fantastic job! :woohoo:

Great work – it’s perfect! Silver’s tutorial is the best. I love the colorway you chose. I know you’ll enjoy wearing them.

CONGRATS!!! It looks fabulous!

Oh, that looks perfect! Congratulations!:cheering: :thumbsup:

Congrats on your first sock !! Be careful, socks are contagious.

Congratulations on your first sock! I used Silver’s tutorial for my first one as well. The instructions are well-written.

Have you cast on for the second sock yet?

Awesome! Love the color and pattern.

Is wonderful!!! I am green with knit envy! Of all the fun things to knit…I am still sock-challenged and sockless!

Your knitting is marvelous!

Thanks! I’ve actually cast on twice for my second sock :frowning: I keep messing up - go figure. I guess I had beginners luck the first time around.

Good job on it! :yay:

Good work!! Don’t you love Silver’s class? It is really well done. I made a hoodie for my baby granddaughter out of that same yarn. It has lovely colors and looks very different in your application than mine. It is perfect for socks.

Very cute! I just saw some Bernat Sock yarn at JoAnn’s tonight. I’d like to try them but I’m not sure if I’m too new of a knitter and should stick to other things for now.

Congratulations! Nice work! :thumbsup: