F.O Illusion dishcloth

Illusion is addicting, to me anyway… I love it! charts, I don’t love, yet anyway… something I need to learn. Here’s my first finished illusion project, a simple dishcloth. I’m working on my second one, same pattern but using black and red yarn.

Very nice! I can’t wait to see the next one you do! What yarn did you use?

Thanks Auburn chick. I used sugar and cream. I think the red/black one it going to look really sharp.
I’d like to find other illusion patterns that don’t use a chart. My printer is broke so I can only hand write a pattern right now.

How about this pattern?

Here’s a page that has tons of patterns. Some have charts, but you may be able to go through and find some that don’t.

Cool. The heart really stands out on the white background when you look at it from the side. Nice work.

Nice job. Looks great :slight_smile:

:happydance: it looks great!!

Cool! It looks great.

Here’s the 2nd one I did and a comparrison of the two color choices.

Thanks Auburnchick… those are great. Somewhere I saw an illusion flower scarf but not sure where I found it, lol… The stitch and bitch nation book for men, has a really niffty pole dancer illusion scarf, it’s kinda retro looking. Go-go girl like.

Great work Trace! I think that is so interesting!!! Keep up the good work.


Wow, that red and black one does look incredibly sharp!
Good job, they look great!

The red and black one is really neat!

that’s really cool!

Too pretty for a dish cloth! very nice

Thanks knit2tied… if you have to wash dishes by hand, might as well use something appealing for a lesser appealing job, lol
I’ve had friends tell me the dishcloths I make them are to nice to actually use. I’ve said to them… what in the “blank” did you think I made them for?? they start to laugh then and promise they will actually get them wet.

Wow! Cewellll! Love it! :heart: