F.O Cable twist wrist warmers

I’ve just finished these today.

the pattern is on ravelry. I was taking a break from doing my mum’s CPH.

Very nice, warm and cosy looking. Love the yarn

Very nice job and I love the colors. They do look nice and warm.

Very nice!

I started making some like that, but I didn’t have a pattern and found that the stitch pulls in quite a bit and they kept being too tight. It was for a gift so I gave up and used garter rib. :teehee:

Very nice mitts.

:happydance: very pretty…I love the color of the yarn…

Oh those look so soft like they would be very comfortable to wear!

Wow Catz those are so nice x

Ohhhh I love that colour yarn. You did a great job of these. Nice work! Now… back to your CPH!!! LOL

Those are beautiful-what a lovely yarn! :heart: They look nice and warm too-well done!

These are beautiful! The shaping is really nice and these don’t appear to be bulky. I say that because I made a simple pair for a co-worker and she didn’t like them because they were too bulky. These might be the ticket! Nice job…:happydance:

Beautiful yarn…great work! :muah:

The pattern suggested using sock yarn so thats what I did lol. They are warm and not bulky at all.

They look warm and pretty.