F O 1st artfelt

This was a fun project!!

very cool… :woohoo:

What a nice blend of colours . Just superb!

Wow, it’s so pretty. It really does look like art.

did you use a kit or just random wooly goodness you had? I just bought an artfelt kit from my LYS (along with extra wool) and plan on making a cape for my dd :slight_smile:

This looks great!

That is pretty.

I really like your artfelt!!! :cheering:

I got brave and made a couple of NORO booga bags for my girls…but…your artfelt is just so way FAB! I really must learn how to do a project like yours!!!

What a lovely project Debbie! Looks brilliant :slight_smile:

I really like that xx

Wow! That is an original work of art!

That turned out really cool…great work! :heart:

i was given a kit to knit a bag with roving…it didn’t knit up well…so I decided to art felt…used a homemade foam form wrapped many times with plastic wrap. i basically just covered the form…design just happened.

You did a great job! Why do I think, though, that it didn’t “just happen” but is a consequence of talent and skill. Congratulations on a wonderful piece.

Wow, Debbie, it looks gorgeous!

I agree … very cool!

That looks really cool!