EZ's Knitting Workshop DVD

Does anyone else own this? I just got mine from Amazon, after much hemming and hawing over whether or not to get it since it really isn’t in my budget right now. I can’t wait to watch it! :woot:

No, but I’d love to hear what you think! Is it worth the $$?

I have it and Knitting Glossary, but haven’t sat down to watch Workshop yet. I’m hoping for some nice rainy days this fall and winter! :lol:

I have it! Received the DVD and the book that goes with it for Christmas last year. I LOVE it. I learned a lot and EZ is so adorable.

So I finally started watching last night, got through the first couple lessons. I love it! Definitely worth the forty $. Even though I am not really a new knitter, there are already some tips and tricks I wasn’t aware of. Like an extremely easy way to join in the round. I’ve always struggled with that, but EZ’s way is so simple. And she is such a riot!! I got a few good laughs as well as helpful hints. I think this is a great DVD for any knitter, new or experienced.

Now I want it even more!

I’ve borrowed it in the past from the library; I really would like to own my own copy. I loved her personality and the down to earthiness about the whole production.