EZ's Knitting Without Tears

The title of this book has put me off because it sound too cutesy and I thought I wouldn’t care for it :noway:

Then I learned it was one of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s and I looked at an excerpt on Amazon. :thumbsup: It looks like an interesting read, although it is a little hard to tell from a few pages online.

Is it as good as they say or should I try to find a “real” copy to browse before I buy it? :slight_smile:


I bought this when I first started knitting again after 35 years and found it to be very helpful. I’ve never been sorry I owned it, as opposed to borrowing it occasionally from the library. It is full of very yseful information and directions for several types of sweaters.

I thoroughly enjoy this book. It’s the first EZ one I bought, at a discount bookstore, no less. It’s like having a cup of tea with her, very interesting and lots of knitting tips. :O) samm

I find Elizabeth Zimmermann to be witty and wise. I love this book as it takes a no nonsense sort of practical approach to knitting. It respects the individuality of knitters and has some great project patterns included.

The patterns aren’t like your typical patterns though. They’re in narrative form, so it takes some getting used to. In the end, she takes so much time and care in explaining things that it’s well worth the investment.

You might want to check it out from your library first (request a loan, if they don’t have a copy) just to see if it’s something you’d like.

Thanks for all the positive responses! Sometimes its hard to sort out the “trendy” from the “classic” and I’m personally more interested in learning about on more traditional projects rather than the latest and greatest hot new thing. :knitting:

The title and cover of this book made me think it was jumping on the knitting bandwagon and I didn’t realize it was actually by one of the well-known knitting “greats”. I guess there’s a reason for the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” :oops: