EZ's February Baby Sweater...need help

Hello everyone:

I am currently knitting the February Baby Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s (EZ) Knitter’s Almanac. I am following EZ’s pithy instructions. :slight_smile:

However, since this is the first top-down sweater I have knit, I am a bit confused as how I’m supposed to proceed. If anyone else has knit this, could you please help? I am at the point in the sweater where I’m supposed to divide the whole thing up for the sleeves & body.

I just can’t picture it in my mind…any help is appreciated!


With top downs, when you get to the point of dividing sleeves/body, it likely tells you to work to the first set of sleeve stitches, put sleeve stitches on a holder or scrap yarn, sometimes it will ask you to cast on a few stitches before proceeding and sometimes it won’t. If it does, you can cast on using backward loop. Then, you’ll work to the next set of sleeve stitches and do the same as you did above.

If that’s not helpful, perhaps you could post a few lines of the pattern that have you confused.