I’ve been looking at some Elizabeth Zimmerman DVDs, but can’t decide! I have been looking at her Knitting Workshop DVD (from original PBS series) and book and the Knitting Glossery on DVD. I just love her writing stye, and would love to see her teaching on DVD

I’ve been looking at these items on Meg Swanson’s site: http://www.schoolhousepress.com/videos.htm

Does anyone have either of these, or another recommendation?


I have the BSJ DVD. It makes what would otherwise be somewhat confusing very clear. There are many other little helps and hints on the DVD, too.

My Knitter’s Almanac arrived this morning! I haven’t even opened it yet!!! Not on topic, but I had to tell somebody!!! I haven’t seen the dvds but I’m sure they are all wonderful. Because EZ is!!! samm who is excited, in case you can’t tell… :teehee: