EZ Tomten Jacket Help


I started knitting tomten jacket and casted on 144 stitches.I have written the pattern for 112 stitches.After knitting 10ridges it says

K84 turn K56 k to end of row.
Repeat this every 10 ridges.Are these correct ?.

If I had to customize them for 144 stitches what would they be?

Can anybody please help?


I think I have the pattern somewhere, but if you’ve rewritten it it affects all parts probably. You could try writing to Meg Swansen at Schoolhouse Press. The contact is at the bottom left. She is EZ’s daughter.

If you want the jacket to be smaller than it is written, consider knitting it in a smaller thread; (example) DK instead of worsted, or knitting it at a smaller, tighter gauge. Maybe this will get the size you desire without all the math work it requires to rewrite.