EZ Saddle Shoulder Sweater

This is the wrong time of the year to finish this, but here’s a photo of my sweet 15 yr old wearing next year’s school clothes:

It’s Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Saddle Shoulder from Knitting Without Tears. I just added a cable up the front and narrower ones up the sleeves.

  • Margie
    Selfridge Air National Guard Base, MI

that’s gorgeous! … well handsome?.. it’s a great looking sweater and it fits him very well :slight_smile:

wOw. :inlove:
that is positively gorgeous!!! and it fits him nicely, too.

i left a comment for you at flickr. very nicely done mom.

(I’m LQ, btw)

Great looking sweater!

WTG!! The sweater turned out awesomely. I read all of EZ’s books and watched her workshop videos. I want to try a sweater using her formula sometime, too. She is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your success.

That’s beautiful! Your son looks like a model, too. :wink:

very nice! i love the photo angle too. beautiful knitting :slight_smile:

What a GREAT “guy” sweater! The color is just perfect too! It’s going to be hard to tell if the girls are ogling the sweater or the guy! :teehee:

or both!

That looks so great. Guys look great in tweed sweaters. I’m really curious about the coned yarn at Webs. Is this the Highland Tweed I keep seeing? How does it feel to knit with?

That’s a beautiful sweater!

great job! i love it. i am going to check out that yarn too.

It is the Highland Tweed. At yarn.com, go to Grandpa’s Garage Sale, Weaving Yarns, and it’s the 2/4 Highland Tweed. (I don’t know anything about weaving, and don’t know what 2/4 represents.) I used about half a cone for the sweater, so the yarn for the sweater came out to be about $6 (before s&h). As far as how it feels - it is not soft, and it’s not something you’d want to wear next to your skin.