EZ Pi Shawl Question

Sigh… I feel like I should know the answer.

I am going by the Knitter’s Almanac. There seems to be a mostly straight knitting version, and then EZ offers instructions for one with concentric holes, and then some lace patterns. Which is the one that makes the “classic” Pi Shawl (I think?) with the big flower and diamond-esque motif?

Borrowed from Ravelry:

ETA: I’ve been trolling around Ravelry, and I think it just hit me that you do ALL of the lace patterns, first one at 144, second at 288, etc (I read it as if you do pattern 1, start it at 144 sts, if you do pattern 2…) This makes sense now, though, is that right?

Also, how do people decide what size needles to use? I’m baffled! With laceweight yarn, Ravelry projects vary from size 5 to 10-1/2…

P.S. Mods, if you happen to read this, are we permitted to “borrow” pictures like that (second time I have this week, I think)? I don’t want to break any rules or offend anyone. Thanks!

I think you can insert pictures, or maybe just a link. I’m a little fuzzy on that myself.

As for needles, it’s personal preference and what weight yarn you use. Most people seem to use size 4 to 6 for laceweight, but some go up to 8s or 9s. Laceweight isn’t uniform, some is thicker than others. I have some held double I’m using 9s on, but another one (same company, different line) I knit a mostly stockinette scallopy lace pattern on 10s. If you have fingering you can work on size 8-10 or even 10½, and for worsted 11s or 13s can work, though most people use 10s.

I answered your question in the other thread about YOs and see that you’re trying out different needles on a practice piece - that’s really the best way to see what works. And lace with thin yarn doesn’t look like much of anything until it’s blocked, so be sure you block that piece too.

I know I’m due for an eye exam…but, is this joined, or is there a split I’m not seeing:?? How do you wear a round shawl? :???:

There is no split or join and to be honest, I am not sure, I figured its recipient would decide. LOL I am borrowing from Ravelry again, found a couple modeled pics of this shawl:

found another, I think I like this one best, sort of cape-ish

Thanks…I’m usually better at thinking outside the box (rectangle, triangle); but, I can see it now. :wink: