EZ pattern

Hey All!
I’ve been thinking about a sweater that I started based on the Elizabeth Zimmerman percentage system. I’ve never made a sweater for a adult but I was so inspired by Elizabeth and her book “knitting without tears” that I thought I would give it a shot.
Long story short I cast on for it and I think I’ve probably got like 4" on it:) I put it away to start another project and I havn’t touched it in probably over a year.
So I’m going to re read the book and take a look at my project and try to pick up where I left off.
My question is, from what I remember the method I was following didn’t call for any ribbing at the bottom of the sweater (I started at the bottom) and so it’s curling of course and I would like the look better with some ribbing. There’s no reason at all why I can’t just go back pick up and knit the stitches at the bottom and then create the ribbing from there right? That seems like the simplest method to me. No way I’m knitting ribbing and then sewing it on so hopefully you all say yes!
Thanks :woot:

Yes, of course. When you’re finished, pick up sts along the bottom with maybe one size smaller needle than the main body of the sweater.

That’s what I though! I love the freedom!
Thanks for the help:)