EZ Pattern Wanted

Does anyone have the E. Zimmermannn Baby Surprise jacket/sweater pattern that they are willing to part with for sale at a good price? Maybe a trade?

I know that I can buy it on line, but wanted to first see if anyone had a used copy to part with.

Email me at lightningsj@junoDOTcom change the DOT to .

You can buy it at her daughter’s business for $3. Probably cheaper. Shipping is $2-$3, so it should be (at the most) $4. I’d order it from there.

Get it here. It helps support the business EZ started and it’s very inexpensive. Total cost for the pattern with shipping is about $5.50.

Hi! I ordered it last year from Schoolhouse Press and it was here very quickly! I think that’s the best way to get the pattern, and it supports the business. :slight_smile: samm

I like Schoolhouse Press, and I have several DVDs, including the Baby Surprise Jacket. It is so pleasant to watch and perfect for beginning knitters. I would not say I am still a beginner, but I liked knitting along with it anyway. And she shows variations of collar and trim.