EZ Knitting Worshop DVD

I got a copy of EZ’s Knitting Workshop DVD (from the KH Store, of course). This was soooo worth the money. She is a hoot. I feel smarter just because I’ve watched her knit.

Wouldn’t it have been great to have known her. Wouldn’t it be great to have a knitter like her to help you figure out the more confusing parts when you’re knitting!


I have the Knitting Glossary DVD which she made with her daughter Meg Swansen. There is an “interview” of sorts, Meg and EZ sitting on a cozy couch wrapped in sweaters and shawls and talking about EZ’s work and life a bit. From time to time they cut to an outside photo of “the old man” shoveling snow. The title pages which appear when they cut from item to item in the glossary are accompanied by the sound of a loon calling. I go to sleep to this DVD often. I’ve learned much from it.

I have 3 Meg Swansen videos and I’ve been wondering if I should buy the old EZ public TV workshop series. You’ve helped me decide! I’m going to order them.


Is the workshop dvd a good one for someone who’s been knitting for awhile already?

I haven’t been knitting very long, so I’m probably not qualified to say–but that’s never stopped me before…

It seems to me that EZ assumes you know quite a bit. I also bought the companion book, and you’d certainly need that if you wanted the patterns she working on.

Mostly I like it because of her ‘presence’. She has such a great attitude about knitting, and it’s infectious.


I got both knitting glossary with her daughter and workshop dvd from Amy’s store. I love them and offten just watch them while knitting.
It is worth the cost.:heart:

She honestly believed that any knitter could design her or his own knitting, and you know, the best teacher is the one who will never underestimate you.
The dedication in her “KNitter’s Almanac” reads:

“To the Unsure Knitter,
To the Blind Follower,
To all those who do not yet know
that they can design their own knitting,
this book
is encouragingly dedicated”

Okay, I’ve added them to my wishlist. :cheering:

Yes. It assumes you know the basics. Even if you’re way beyond basics, there are new insights into what you’ve been doing all along and better (or at least different) ways to do it.

Jan, it’s okay for an intermediate-advanced knitter who has knit a few sweaters, etc. It’s not good for a very advanced knitter who designs their own patterns with very intricate stitches, because she sees knitting for its simplicity, not for it’s difficulty. But, she does explain some very useful techniques and gives you very good tips, and her voice is very calming.