EZ Knitting Glossary or Knitting Workshop?

I am going to buy some DVDs and I’m sure these are both wonderful sets, but I can only get one. Can you help me out? Is there some site that lists what is one them and if you have one or both can you offer me some opinions? Thank you!

A Knitting Glossary
13 ways to co
7ways to cast off
15 I-cords
2-color knitting techniquBarvarian twisted stitch
Afterthought pockets
weaving (grafting,kitchener stitch
Armenian knitting
Increasing & decreasing
jogless knitting
and much more

Knitting Workshop
Part 1 Beginning-A knitted hat
Part 2 Intermediate-a seamless yoke sweater followed by color-pattern dropped-shoulder pullover
Part 3 Master Classes-traditional Fair Isle Guerney as well as garter-stitch & lace

Look in the shop here on KH Jan :wink:

I had this same choice a while back and opted for the ‘Knitting Glossary’ which I am very pleased with :mrgreen: It’s certainly got a lot on it. The only slight downside is that they go a little bit fast for me sometimes, but I just go back and watch again so it’s no real bother. It’s a nice DVD just to have on and watch even if you’re not wanting to learn anything in particular :mrgreen:


I will sell you mine for $50.00 for both.I work today so I’ll check back in after 5:00 to see if you want them.

Jan, I have both of these DVDs. They are very different.

The glossary includes an interview between Meg and Elizabeth which is pleasant to watch. They are ensconced in Elizabeth’s house wearing cozy knitted shawl (M) and sweater (E) and from time to time they cut to the outdoors, where snow is falling in the Wisconsin woods. Mikey the cat is also there. The rest of the video consists of short clips of techniques demonstrated. The menu of items in the glossary includes a lot of stuff, but not everything in knitting. Sometimes E. demonstrates, sometimes M. There is stuff from when M. was a young woman but later, I presume after E.'s death, additional demonstrations by M. were added. I learned a lot from this video.

The workshop is the TV show that was on public television. Family members are off screen to pass things to E. as she teaches/demonstrates making particular items.

I used to go to sleep watching the glossary every night! I think I may have picked up a few things up in my sleep.

Thanks for all the info! I “think” I’m probably going to go with Knitting Glossary. :think:

great info, I asked for a school house gift certificate for my birthday so I can buy these.

:psst: Amy sells them here to help support KH. :teehee: