Eylash yarn ... what to do with it?

i bought about 150g of black eyelash yarn and 100g of red eyelash which has a slight sparkle to it. I intended to make a fluffy black scarf with 4 inches or so of fluffy red at either end.
and thats what i started knitting. but i just dont like it. :hmm:

what else can i do with black and red eylash yarn, that doesnt look tacky?

My Mom got me eyelash yarn! I posted a thread at the same time as you. I’m at a loss as to what to do with it as well. I hope these guys can come up with something for us!

Add a couple rows of trim around a purse. An entire purse or clutch. A few rows at the top of a sock. A long, narrow scarf, sort of like a feather boa. Trim a pair of flip flops by wraping it around the straps.

The one good thing about it is it hides any mistakes you make.

It is pretty weird stuff. I have to confess I, too, have way too much of it in my stash.

This is what I suggested to PSQUIDY -

I took a sweater that a friend of mine loved and wanted it to be spruced up a bit. I ran a border around the sleeves, neck and button band - it looked really cute. You mat want to consider buying her a plain cardigan or pullover with a deep neckline - and adding a “fancy” border." Not a scarf - but it will be frilly!

Hair falls! My favourite things to do with novelty yarn :wink: Either just use the threads on their own or make i-cords with them, then tie them round a hair bobble and put into hair, and you miraculously have cool goth hair or funky punky hair :wink:

Do you have a cat?
Maybe a cat bed?


how about using it to knit the border of a hood for the winter? I did it last year. I designed my own pattern for the hood with ties to keep it on place around my neck and then knitted 5 or 6 rows with eyelash for the border… it came out as those furry hoods often attached to heavy coats! cloud9:knitting:

thanks for all the ideas guys. im not sure if im a fluffy trim sort of person, although adding a trip to my hood would be nice for winter!!
i thought that a nice pair of slipper socks would be nice too.

but my f avourite idea so far is the hair falls – very funky

You could always make my steering wheel cover! :teehee:

I kinda agree with everyone else, trimming something is way better than trying to make a full something (if that makes sense)

Dilute the over-fluffy effect by combining the eyelash with a “quieter,” plainer yarn. Use a matching color or choose a softer, grayer shade. Either way, the fabric will look richer and less hysterical.

I’ve made several scarves with eyelash and other novelty yarns to keep on hand as last-minute gifts. Kids (especially little girls) love them. (Just don’t give one to a knitter!)

Amen, sister! :wink:

I’ve been tempted to make an afghan with eyelash yarn, because I have so much of it in my stash. Lots of people with good intentions have given me skeins of it, saying, “I got this at the dollar store the other day.” I always say thanks, then it just gets added to my mountain of eyelash yarn.

I figure that a child or teenager would probably LOVE a rug or a pillow or a blanket made with it. :teehee: