Eyelet socks for my DD

This is my very first sock ever! Here is the first one before I frog it. The idea was to use up the remainder of a skein I used for making a neckwarmer, but using the pattern on the foot part as well is taking up too much yarn & I won’t have enough for sock #2. I really don’t want to buy another skein of this just for part of a sock - I’m not really too fond of the color but Kayla adores them. So, I’ll just to your basic St st on the foot.

That sounds like a great idea, the eyelet will look really pretty just on the leg. I love that color too!

What a pretty pattern! The color is nice too. It shows off the pattern so well. Great job!

I think it would be more comfortable in a shoe with stockinette on the foot anyway. Pretty pattern though!

Very pretty!!! Your first ever sock huh? I guess it’s going ok huh? I have a birthday gift I’ve been working on and a scarf OTN (Orca Tails), but after that I want to start some socks and FT Clogs…

Very pretty! I love the color.

First sock ever and new to knitting?? Wow. It’s a gorgeous sock! Don’t forget to post photos of them when they’re done!

Wellllllllllllllllllll… Not so new anymore. Been at it since this past summer. Just too lazy to change my screen name, I guess. And, Jan, excellent point.:thumbsup: Another good reason to frog the foot. Who’d want a pair of uncomfy socks?

:happydance: very pretty and I love the pattern!!

Very pretty sock! It makes me want to learn how to make them for myself. :yay: