Eyelet Ribbed Baby Cardigan by Sue Hilger

I’m not a novice knitter, but I’m self-taught, so I’m really stuck on this - if someone can help me out, I’d really appreciate it. Working on the free pattern referenced above from Crystal Palace Yarns. 78 stitches on the needle calls for the following row:
K2p2, k2, K2tog, K3, p2 rep to last 2 st and knit those

Knit the row twice and it didn’t turn out, figured it was me, but then I mathematically tried to figure it out, and even though it’s a decrease row, the math just doesn’t add up to me - I’m thinking that the repeat has to use 12 stitches to equal 74 (78 minus the beginning and ending 2 stitches=4) - I only get 11 stitches from the repeat, so it won’t work out.

This is the correction for the pattern - so I am really stymied. If anyone has any experience with this or a suggestion to fix it - I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Diana

Here’s a link to the pattern - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/baby-child/pandacotton-baby-cardi.html
Doing the repeat 7 times gives you 70 sts at the end. I’m thinking the last repeat, instead of p2 at the end you do knit 2 instead for the edge stitches. Would that work out?

Figured it out! Thanks to all for researching. First part of dec row needs to follow the four stitch pattern already established, then start the repeat - a total of 6 stitches needs to be deducted from the original 78, leaving 72, then with the 9 (9x8=72, decreasing once each of the 9 repeats gave me the 78-8=70) stitch repeat creating the decrease, it works. * location on correction page is incorrect-should be after the P2, then 9 stitch repeat works - one too many p2 in the repeat. Back on track and moving right along. Sometimes just asking the question helps with figuring out the answer! :happydance:


This is a pretty pattern–I bookmarked it. Do you have the link to the corrections page?

I don’t see where she says to sew the fronts to the back??? For the sleeves, it says to sew the seams and then PU stitches to make the sleeves, so maybe that’s where you sew the back and fronts together??? I’m confused, just reading it.

Please let us know how it turns out! Are you using the yarn suggested or something else? Size 4 needles?