Eye Strain

Not sure where to put this thread, it is in general about knitting, I picked here.
Question, have any of you knitters had problems with eye strain from knitting? I wear progessive lens and find that sometimes I end up with eye strain the day following knitting in the evening. I called the eye clinic and they explained that with my lens, I have to look out the very bottom part of my lens to use the bi focal.
Well, I think what happens is I bend my chin too far down and look through the top part, and don’t even know I am doing it.
They suggested I get a pair of reading glasses with just the bi focal lens in it and wear them for knitting only.
Does anyone do this, wear a different pair of glasses for knitting? My eye strains always turn into migraines, and I don’t like migraines.:eyes:
Any tips.

I wear a pair of OTC reading glasses and they live in my knitting bag. They are especially helpful when knitting on smaller needles and/or with dark colored yarns.

I do wear prescription reading glasses, and have another pair of OTC readers at work for dog grooming.

I have two pair of OTC readers, one for the computer and the other for reading and knitting. I don’t usually have eye strain unless I’m tired.

I did until I got a regular pair of non-progressive glasses for my knitting, crocheting and needlework I do. I never got migranes but really tired eyes until I switched.

When I got a new pair of progressive lenses they bothered me for knitting. So I went back to the doc and told them to fix 'em.
We’d discussed where to put the ‘view’ of each prescription…I have 3…one for reading, one for knitting distance, one for driving & tv. Anyway, they fixed them! I brought my knitting up to the doc office, and showed her where I need the ‘view’ to be.

The price we pay for glasses these days, they can just GET IT RIGHT.

Also, I used to suffer eye-strain…glasses or no glasses…until I got an OTT-LITE to knit under. It replicates DAYLIGHT perfectly. No more strain. And, you don’t get as tired in general. I think that’s why I can knit til 3am each day! I know I couldn’t under normal incandescent light bulbs.

Anyway, for what it’s worth…

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I already work by light of the Ott Light, they are great.
I have to find out if my eye strain if from tired eyes, on a computer all day and Knit at night. I tried on some OTC readers today and they are all too strong.
So, I am going to stop in at the eye clinic and see what they tell me. I like the idea of an extra pair of glasses that don’t have the progessive part, for home use. I will look into that. Too bad they don’t make something I could stick under my chin, so I know not to bend my head down too far. And miss the right stop on my lenses. LOL
I find myself not knitting because I don’t want to get a headache. :waah: