Extrememly Advanced Vogue Knitting Pattern


I do not know how to incorporate the textured pattern stitch, the loop stitch pattern, 6 st. cable pattern, 18 st. cable pattern, and bobble pattern into the back, left and right fronts of this cardigan. If someone would mind mentoring me a little bit, I’d be eternally grateful.

After the loop st at the border, doesn’t look like you use it in the body or sleeve, so you don’t have to worry about that one. You then begin with R1 on all patterns and place markers between each pattern so that will help remind you. You can write out each row you’re on in the pattern and what row of each st pattern you’re doing.

So if you’re on Row 9 of the back, you’ll be on R 3 of the cable (because it only has 6 rows to it), and on row 1 of the bobble and the texture st patterns which only have 4 rows. When you finish the rows in a pattern repeat, go back to R1 of it.

On the Row 9 of a front you’d be on R1 of the texture st, R 3 of the 6 st cable, R9 of the 18 st cable, and R1 of the bobble pattern.

Probably after a few inches you’ll see how they all work out.

Thanks! :smiley: