Extremely bobbly wensleydale wool

We spent £100 on wool for a man’s jumper. It is incredibly bobbly, fibres in food and mouth and fibres all over the house. How can I determine if this is acceptable. Photos available. Thanks.

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That sounds terrible. If the yarn is shedding it hardly seems usable. You can go back to the store you bought the yarn from (brick and mortar or online) and complain. You can more than likely return the unused yarn.

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When you need to return something, it can help to check the consumer law for your country so that you know where you stand. For example, in Australia, our consumer law says goods must be of acceptable quality.

Hopefully you won’t need to refer to the law to get a refund, but it’s good to have that knowledge ready to quote just in case.

I hope you can get it sorted out and get some decent wool to work with.

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here are the photos

Oh gosh, it’s beautiful knitting but the pilling is terrible. Some of this is expected with wensleydale but that seems extreme. The manner in which this particular yarn was spun may also be contributing to the pilling.
You can try de-pilling with a comb or shaver. That will at least take care of the immediate problem but I’m afraid it’s still going to continue.
The part of this article on the yarn shows some of the same problem.

This may not apply to your yarn but when I see “lovely halo” used to describe yarn it puts me on alert that I may also be looking at pilling down the line.

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