Extreme Newbie!

Hi everyone, as I state in my title, I am very new to the Knitting public. I just learned how last night using the videos on this site. I really didn’t expect to catch on and started making a scarf (I guess :wink: ) Do any of you have any tips for a newbie? I literally only know how to Cast on, knit and Purl. I’m also not sure WHY I do these things. I just know to knit you have to do them! I’ve been a crocheter for quite a while but I hated the look of the sloppy stitching. I’m so excited to knit to finally have a nice peice!! Any suggestions on tips or favorite things to make that are VERY simple on a new knitter? Thank you so much!

Also, one of my main concerns is how tight I’m making the stitches, anyone have an idea to stop that?

Here’sa great article that helped me a lot when i first started knitting and was knitting tight! :thumbsup:

Hi and welcome!
It’s all like getting to Carnegie Hall…practice, practice, practice! Actually, you may find your stitches loosen a bit naturally just with getting more comfortable with what you’re doing. The only other skill you absolutely have to have is, eventually, how to cast off. As you get more experienced you’ll want to do magical things like yarn overs, knitting two togethers, and so on. But there’s a world of great things to explore with just K and P. Did you look at the free patterns? (see the tab at top of page) They are listed by experience level and you should get lots of ideas there.

:waving: Welcome to the forum! I love to see new knitters. Welcome to the magical world of knitting. I ditto what the others have said…practice is the key right now, IMHO.
As for beginner patterns, there are so many online. If you google beginner knitting patterns you will get a large selection :wink:
What are you interested in knitting, have you thought of anything yet?

What are you interested in knitting, have you thought of anything yet?

When I become a much better knitter, I really would like to do some simple sweaters- not wool! I also would like to learn how to do hats and slippers (my DH keeps the A/C so cold we can hang beef!) I love simple things though, I don’t need extra pretty (and hard) stitches, just something very plain but well-fitted.

You guys (and gals!) seem so welcoming, this makes it all the more exciting for me to try this, I’m glad I can go somewhere for support. I excitedly told my DH last night that I finally learned how to knit! His reply…“ummm…yey?”

Good for you! Just keep practicing so it helps you feel comfortable holding the needles and yarn and helps even out your tension. :cheering: