Extreme beginner

Hello everyone. I am very new to knitting. I have only been knitting a couple of months. My best friend taught me how to make a scarf as a present. The only thing is that I am tired of knitting scarfs. I think I have a scarf in every color now. I would like to try a hat to match one of my scarfs. I have no idea how or where to begin. My best friend just moved to the other side of the country. Any ideas on where to start would be great. Should I even be trying a hat yet? Thanks.


yes I think its certainly time for you to try something fresh.
these are all good for starting with. all done flat on 2 needles.

Hi coLy:
If you want to make a hat you should totally go for it (after all this is knitting not nuclear fission).

Try these web sites:

http://www.lionbrand.com (you need to register to access the patterns on this site)

Amy’s tutorial videos are very helpful for stitches you may be confused by and you can always come back here to ask questions. HTH.

If you want to do a hat then do a hat. Go for it :yay:

There are some flat patterns which you sew up with a seam which are great for learning decrease stitches, and there are other petterns which are not seemed and are a great way to learn knitting in the round (and isnt actually that scay at all, infcat it stops you dropping your needles so much i found!)

The two websites Mystry Girl mentioned are a great place to look for patterns, id also try www.knitpicks.com (as they have a free pattern section, or browse through the forums here and see what people are working on.

good luck and have fun, knowing that youl have a nice warm head at the end of it!

I would start with a seamed hat, since eventually on a hat knit in the round you work with double-pointed needles. Some people find it easier to work with them than others do. I’m afraid that I deal with double pointed needles so poorly that I crochet my hats.

One of the first things I knitted was actually a hat. Being a novice I knitted one in the round and had to use double pointed needles to close it up. That was really hard for me but forced me to try and learn the technique. It came out fairly well actually. So definitely give it a shot.

these ones are all quite easy

When you want to knit something, just try it! I have found that my knitting has grown so much just because I’ve tried something new. I recently bought myself a complicated lace pattern that has a chart and everything:zombie:, but I really want to learn to read charts, so I am going to go for it. The worst that can happen is that you knit a wonky hat. So what? Some people like wonky hats and it’s all a learning experience anyway!

Try Knitty.com for lots of great and helpful articles, and patterns