Extreme beginner question

When knitting in k1 p1 ribbing: if the stitch at the end of the row is purl, when you switch sides should you purl first or knit stitch?

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In order to keep the columns of knit or purls aligned, if you end ribbing with a purl stitch, the next row starts with a knit.
When you’ve completed a couple of rows you’ll see the columns of Vs (knits) and bumps (purls) more clearly. If you see a V, knit it; if you see a bump, purl it for ribbing.

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Salmonmac answered your question. But, here’s some thoughts. Learn to read your knitting. Once you can tell what a purl looks like and what a knit looks like you can more easily tell what you’re going to do next in the pattern. For ribbing you knit the knits and purl the purls. Knits have the V and purls are bumpy and each purl looks like it has a bar on it.

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I am still working on reading my knitting!! I don’t always trust my judgement yet:)