Extras in stash swap?

I saw this in another thread:

and I thought, that’s not a bad idea. Some wools/cottons/etc may not weight too much and if we’re just sending our one or two skeins of scrap and leftovers then maybe even lighter. Whaddaya’ll think?

well I of course think it’s a great idea! GENIUS in fact! :thumbsup:

I think it’d be cool, but I sense a problem. I would keep all the yarn, hence ending the cycle :shifty:

You’re having visions of spreading the yarn all over the floor & ROLLING in it, aren’t you, Beldie?

Well, how it worked when I did it before was that for each thing you took out of the box, you’d have to put something from your own stash to replenish. So as much as Beldie wants to be a yarn hog, she can’t do it!

Umm, our dependable mail system lost it?

Hildegard, who ever said I was good at following the rules?! Silly girl.

Kelly, sounds like fun. Want to come over and play with me?

Sure! We can wear pink shorty pajamas, pigtails in our hair, have a pillow fight while jumping on the bed and then roll in yarn! We’ll be every man’s fantasy! :rollseyes:

Beldie, don’t forget to bring your knitted handcuffs :rofling:

So I’m gathering not a lot of people are interested in this idea :mad: Darn!

:mad: [color=red][size=7]HEY!!![/size][/color] :mad:

To add to the fantasy part, KK, not necessarily to chain you up!

[color=red][size=6]Hey everyone, I think this stash swap could work! How about something like THIS…
The first person starts the cycle, by Posting PICTURES of their extra yarn in a thread. 1 picture per type of yarn. The first person to reply claiming a yarn, gets to have it mailed to them. As they claim the yarn they want, they also post pictures of their own yarn offered.

TO MAKE IT WORK, people REALLY need to edit their posts to remove the picture of yarn they’re shipping to someone. Then, all anyone has to do is scroll down the list of pictures to see what’s currently available!

What do you think?!

Wouldn’t it have to be an even swap - that is the person who first wants the yarn in the posted pic would then have to offer something to the picture poster?

PS Why has no one told me how cool Hello.com is - I’ve just spent half the day playing with it and Picasa - now I really need to get my own blog.

I don’t know… it’s not necessarily supposed to be an even swap; If I post something and someone wants it, they either give me an agreed-upon amount of money, or (hypothetically) an equal amount of yarn. If it’s an even trade, then we’re already doing it… on this forum!
ME–Hi I have X yarn, here’s a pic, who wants it?
BELDIE–I have some Y yarn, here’s a pic, who wants it?
ME thinks… ooo i really want that Y yarn
BELDIE thinks … ooo i really want that X yarn
ME – Hey I’ll give you my X yarn if you give me your Y yarn
BELDIE-- Okay it’s a deal

I was thinking this would be like a circle thing… FMama, Beldie, KK and I all have stuff we want to get rid of… so Fmama puts 3 things labeled FM in a box, and sends it to Beldie… Beldie looks at the box, takes out 2 things from FMama and puts in 2 things she doesn’t need labeled BD, then sends it to KK… KK takes one thing from FMama and one thing from Beldie, puts 2 of her extras labeled KK in, then send it to me… I take out one thing, put one thing in, and send it to Amy who just jumped on the bandwagon… Amy follows suit, etc etc etc (i don’t remember why the labeling is important, but it is)
*and by extras I mean comparable amounts… If I put in 3 skeins of noro (yean right) and KK takes all three and puts in 3 ziploc bags of 2-foot long fun fur ends, it’s not exactly the same (sheesh, KK! ) This is about honor system all the way…
It actually would take a lot of organizing; we’d have to do address lists, figure how/where to add people, making sure that we’re not sending the box unnecessarily across the country (if KK and I are in northern IL it makes sense for me to send to KK first instead of sending to someone in NY who will send it to KK)… and the downfall is that the person who puts in first might not get a change to take OUT for a while… what happenes when someone runs off with the box, or the PO loses it, or someone goes on vacation and the box sits for 2 weeks w/o moving, etc etc etc. It was a LOT easier with beads, because they’re small… we had 45 people on the list, and we still have a very small priority mail sized box… I personally don’t want to lug something that’s 4 foot square to the PO and mail it.
Anyway, there are REALLY GOOD things about it too, like having a surprise at your door one day, finding just the right bit of REALLY COOL yarn, finding something that’s not available in your area…
I don’t know, maybe logistically it isn’t workable :mad:

They do this at the knitty board and it sort of works, I think one of the first boxes was lost forever. I think the only downside is getting a box with nothing you really want in it. And I would do this, but I’m extremely unemployed so I only splurge on trades and the occasional Random Act of Kindness.

We could try the RAK type thing, like “I want some purple yarn” and you just happen to have some extra purple yarn you send to me (thank you!) and you say “I want any IK mags” and Amy sends one off to you…



[color=olive][size=6] :doh: MY HEAD HURTS!!! :doh: [/size][/color]
And, I would NEVER send you a ziploc bag of 2-foot long fun fur ends…I just gave three extra skeins of that to my residents. Fun fur remnants I would send to Beldie so she could make more handcuffs! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. Clear as mud, right???

Ya know I like BOTh Amy’s idea and Hilde’s idea. (Can’t we all just get along??) Why ot do both? I’m willing to lug a box to the post office. I do it all the time. I sell stuff on Half.com and ebay and we have a self serve postal thingy at my post office and it’s open on Saturdays. AND I have a digital camera and love posting pics onthe internet so you see I can do both. I’ll do whatever everybody else does.

OK so here’s one thing: Let’s make it free ,absolutley free. Even exchange. So no one is priced out ya know? How bout that?

Didn’t I already “say” something like this would happen after the yarn gets sent to me??

:happydance: :heart:

Oh yeah I totally think it should be free! We just have to pay to send the box… and if it’s free we can email/pm whoever we’re getting box from and say "i don’t have anything to trade, send it on to whoever* without feeling like wehave to contribute b/c we paied to do it.