Extra Yarn in Project

We’re trying to knit a cat blanket, & the yarn seems to be outgrowing the needle. How is this happening? What do we do to fix it?


Can you explain a little more about what’s happening?:??

Well, it started off we cast on 72 stitches, & that barely fit the needle. But it seems to be getting longer & longer as we go, even though we’re not adding any stitches. Does that help?

Oh, ok. Cast on stitches are smaller than the knit stitches. Your tension may have relaxed a bit, too.

This is why so many people knit flat on circular needles. You can fit a lot more stitches, and one side doesn’t get heavy like straight needles do.

If you want to use the straights, maybe you could knit two thinner panels and sew them together. I’m sure the cat won’t mind.:teehee: