Extra yarn at end of rows

I just started, like hours ago. I got the casting on bit. I do the long-tail method. When I start to knit however, I get to the end of the row (I think I’m doing it right) and there is a loop of extra yarn, just a little, but I doubt that’s supposed to be there. What am I doing wrong?? Help! :slight_smile:

Do you mean extra yarn between stitches? If so, that’s pretty normal. It’ll work its way out as you knit.

no, between stitches it’s a little loose, but I’m not troubled by it. When I knit there’s about an inch of yarn between the needles and this moves down the row to form a loop at the end. I figured this was incorrect so I haven’t tried more, but I’ll do a whole bunch regardless of what it looks like. I feel like I can’t hold the yarn taught enough, and what do I do with the tail?!

You can let the tail hang and weave it in later, or knit it with a few stitches and cut off. But do that later, too. You might try pulling your first stitch a little tighter and see if that helps. Or pull on the tail if that’s the edge it’s on.


Ok, so I tried some more and ignoring the tail for now helps. Thanks. :slight_smile: I am still getting the problem of (and it’s not just a random loop) my last stitch in a row being way looser than the others… and I can’t tighten it! From what I can tell, when I start the first row, the first stich is loose because of the tail and the string… this extra length passes down the row to become this rather annoying excess at the end. Am I just not holding things tight enough?

sorry to be a pest about this… thank you for all the help. :slight_smile:

Is this the stitch you cast on first? If so, it may be caused by your knot.

For the longtail cast on, you don’t need to make a knot, just hold the wool over the top of the needle with a finger on your right hand (if the loops are on your left).
If you still want a knot, or when you make one for another caston, you need a slipknot. You can find directions on the net easily, if you’re not sure. When you make a slipknot, pulling on one strand will make the knot tighter, and the other strand will loosen it. MAKE SURE that it is the short tail that TIGHTENS the knot, and the end going to your ball that loosens it, otherwise you will get a sloppy loose stitch.