Extra Warm Socks


I would want to knit extra warm socks. What kind of stitches would you recommend for this task? I want something warmer than stockinette, but it still need to feel nice against the foot.


The socks I find are basically stockinette worked in a predominantly wool blend (wool/silk, wool/nylon) or lace. Here are a couple of patterns for hiking socks just for the idea:

And a pattern in garter stitch for comfort. It’ll add extra yarn to the sock so maybe that’s warmer?


I had been considering to make a sock pattern with garter myself because I also believe it would be warmer. But I decided to ask here first in case someone else would have better ideas. It seems like it will become garter.


I’ve been seeing patterns lately that use slip stitches ever other row all the way from toe up to make a denser fabric. Seemingly warmer because of it, I have only tried once and I took the whole thing apart half way because there was far far less give to the fabric. Can’t vouch for it myself, just passing on something I’ve seen :slight_smile:


I know stranding is traditionally used to add warmth as well as decoration, because the floats across the back add extra insulation. there are lots of stranded/fair isle sock patterns around.

I’ve never tried it myself, but you might also look into “shaker knitting”/“shaker ribbing.” I think one of it’s main purposes is to create a thicker, warmer fabric, and it uses significantly more yarn than stockinette or regular ribbing, so it certainly it would.

but i suppose you could also just make socks in a thicker yarn too…