Extra stitch?

Hello! I am knitting this hat: http://meetmakelaugh.blogspot.com/2012/03/stephanies-knit-slouch-hat.html

and I finished the ribbing and the row of just knitting and started the yo k2tg row and im at the end and I have one extra stitch? the last two stitches should be a k2tg…what did i do wrong?

Also…should I be doing the yo k2tg at the same time? like, bring the yarn to the front and then k2tg with it like that or seperate?

Check your stitch count to make sure you haven’t accidentally lost a stitch or gained one. Then look at the last round and check the k2togs to make sure that you did them and not just a knit stitch somewhere.

The yo, k2tog are separate but they can be worked rather smoothly almost as one. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle and to the back to do the k2tog.