Extra stitch

Okay, I am still knitting this stocking and somehow have managed to pick up an extra stitch from somewhere. I don’t know if it’s a big deal and if it will affect the outcome of my project or if it’s just no big deal. If it is a problem, is there a way to fix it? Can I just skip a stitch in the middle of my row?


If it’s just one stitch, I’d knit two together (k2tog) maybe at the beginning or end of a row or anywhere if you’re knitting in the round. No one will ever notice…and if they do, they’re not your friend (as my sister says).:slight_smile:

I also do the same. k2tog somewhere. Unless you are doing some kind of a patterm. I v had problems where Iv done k2tog cause somewhere I picked up and xtra stitch and then when I count my stitches for my pattern I get all mixed up.