Extra Stitch?!?!?!

Ok, I’m a beginner so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I started a project today making a lap blanket. I’m knitting on 29" circular needles and the row is 137 sts across. Here’s my dilemma…I cast on 137 sts, I knitted across the first row and had 137 sts, then I knitted across the 2nd row and ended up with 138 sts!! I looked back through my work and nothing looks out of place. Here’s my question…do I have to tear out that entire row and start over, or is there someway to fix it, like k2 tog on the first st of the 3rd row? How frustrating!! :?? Thanks for your help!

It happens to all of us at one point or another. I would k2tog at the beginning of the row. Nobody but us will know and we won’t tell!! :wink:

Thanks so much! I’m glad I stumbled upon this website, I can tell its going to be very useful!! :happydance:

Well, welcome, and stumble on it! If you read the rest of the posts, you’ll see that it’s not only informative, its entertaining, as well. :waving:

yup i would just knit two together. as long as you are looking at only one or two extra stitches you won’t be able to tell (and as long as you don’t do a whole bunch of K2tog right next to each other of course! :wink: )

as far as how it happened…if you are just doing knit stitches across make sure that when you turn your work you are keeping the yarn under and behind the needles. often when you turn the work the yarn will go up over the needle. when you do that it makes the last stitch on the previous row look like there are TWO stitches there. essentially you are doing a yarn over which creates an extra stitch. just make sure that the yarn is down in front if you are doing purl stitches and down in back if you are doing knit stitches.

Before begining a new row, tug gently on your knitting. That will orient the stitches properly. When I began to knit a couple of months ago, I was knitting a shawl that nearly doubled in size before I knew what was happening. :smiley:

With that many stiches I would leave some kind of stich marker every 20 stiches or so. That way if you mess up you only go back 20 stiches instead of 137.