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Hi, I’m new to the forum . Thanks for having me! It looks like a great community and I hope to contribute and also get some help!
At the moment I’m decreasing one stitch each end of each fourth row for a raglan sleeve along the back over forty rows. Two thirds through I decided to check my stitches and found I have one extra… Not sure what I can do. Any suggestions? My knitting is pretty basic but it’s ok. I need more experience. This little coat is for a grandbaby on the way. Thanks for your help!

You probably can just sneak in an extra k2tog somewhere. It could be in any row; just pick a spot it won’t be obvious. The question I have is did you have an unintentional yo that got worked and ended up with a hole. There are ways to fix that without frogging too. Figuring out why you have the extra stitch could be helpful for future knitting. If all looks good and it’s not easy to figure out how it happened then don’t worry about it.

Thank you! I thought about doing that too. Just didn’t know which side to choose . I don’t have an unintentional yo… I think I just got to the end of the row and forgot to K2tog. Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

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Doing so many decreases over so many rows can get confusing, and it is very easy to simply forget to do one!! It happens often.

As GrumpyGramma said, you usually can just secretly decrease it away. Or on the next decrease, sometimes you can do a K3tog… if it won’t show.

The other thing is to count every row!! That is so tedious to do… but might save you from finding you accidentally forgot one, or made one too many. I hate to count… so

What I do is use stitch markers!! They are little rings… you can make your own, as I do, and they are so cheap! But i place them every 10, 20, or whatever stitch count works for you, Then I know when I am purling a row (without decreases) that I should have 10 or 20 stitches in that section… if not, I will go back over the previous 10 stitches and find the error! That way, it is spotted almost immediately, and saves me from ripping out! I hate ripping out!

It’s just a little insurance that seems to help me. It may be too much trouble for you. Whatever works!!

That’s such a great idea and a great help! THanks so much, Paddi!

Just do a sneaky k2 together somewhere :grin:. It happens to all of us. I use a row counter to keep track of my rows and a pen and paper to mark off for example decrease every 5 rows.

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Thanks, Jo! Will do! I don’t use a row counter, but perhaps I should. I just use p and p. :slight_smile:

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It’s easy to get involved in tv and forget. The markers placed at the end will help you to remember. If you don’t have any, you can tie a piece of contrasting yarn around the needle or use a Bobby pin.