Extra stitch and I can't find where I got it from

Hi everyone, I am well into knitting the butter tank by Melini Melini. All seemed to be going well. I had dropped a stitch and at one point some came off my needle and I had to put them back on . Now though, I find that I have one stitch too many. I have no idea where I picked it up. Every time I think I have found where the stitch came from it doesn’t seem to be the one at all so I am unable to correct my error. I am putting it down for now until I have a rest so that maybe later I can find it with fresh eyes. If I can’t find it what do I do? Do I knit 2 together to get back to 180 stitches? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you can find the extra stitch that would be best but if not, find a place to decrease by k2tog. This is knit in the round and an extra stitch won’t matter until you get to the cable pattern. Then it looks like you’ll need the correct number of sts. So just before switching to the cables or as you set up the cable round might be an almost invisible place to put in a k2tog (or a purl2tog) say, at on side of the top.

well now I did something very dumb. I decided to frog it for about 5 rows as I knew I picked the stitch up somewhere in there.When I pulled out the stitches I completely forgot that the stitch markers would fall out as I had placed them between the 45th and 46th stitches all the way around. 4 were placed. Now I had to guess where I began. one of the stitch markers fell out but was clinging a bit between the stitch so I used that as a guide. I think I know where the beginning is but am not 100% sure. I may be one off. If I am one stitch away from the beginning and continue would it make much of a difference?

Is there a way that I can tell for sure what the beginning was?

No if your beginning of round is a couple sts off, it won’t matter. Go by where your tail is from the cast on; follow up from there and put the marker at that point, then the other markers from there.

Thank you, that is so good to hear. I was so silly. I said was going to put it down for a while but then tackled it anyway. Live and learn

Those video tutorials are great for teaching you how to knit in the round. But there’s one thing they don’t show you: where to place your yarn at the beginning of each round. I had to figure this out for myself. I put the working yarn behind both needles. What you need to do is place the working yarn coming from inside the tube. When I begin my round, I place the working yarn BETWEEN the two needles. This eliminates that unwanted yarn over at the end of the round. I suspect this is where you’re getting your extra stitch from.

I usually use the tail, but I sometimes use a locking marker on the stitch for the beginning of round.

for some silly reason I weaved the tail in already. my stitches at the beginning of the cast on were a bit messy and it seemed like it was coming loose so I fixed up that area. I was afraid that it may come apart or cause further loose stitches if I didn’t. I had a generally idea though so now I am back on track with markers in place

And don’t beat yourself up over it. It looks easy on the videos, but it took me a few months of practice before I felt I was good at it. That gap will close up and look much neater with experience. What helps me is to use some scrap yarn to practice. I’ll undo it and keep doing it over and over til I get it right. I still do it once in a while to practice knitting my tension evenly.

You might want to consider a safety net in the future. I wish somebody had told me when I first started.

Bascially, you take something thin like dental floss and you string it along through your row every so many rows. If you have to rip out your stitches, you won’t drop any and you’ll know exactly which row you are on :slight_smile:

this is also great for lace patterns where the stitch count isn’t the same on every row and can be really horrible to try to frog.