Extra Stitces; Can I fix This?

Hi All,

I am knitting a worm for kids (sorry, I don’t have the pattern with me right now, but I am knitting in stockinette stitch), and I noticed that I have extra stitches. The pattern says I should have 40 stitches, but I have 50 or 56!! :aww: The problem is I can’t see where I messed up because the yarn I am working with is so fuzzy. Is there a way to decrease stitches until I am back at 40 again, where I should be?

Any help is appreciated.


That’s a lot of extra stitches! If it’s a toy you’re making you can probably just k2tog (knit two together) till you’re back to the correct number. I have no idea how it’ll affect the way it looks, but it may be fine.

Are you knitting in the round? To get that many extra stitches I think you may be making a YO when you change needles. It is easy to do. For a toy with fuzzy yarn knitting two together several times spaces around the worm may not make a difference.

Hi Jan,

Yes, it is a lot of extra stitches! I was surprised to find them. I have no idea what I did. And, yes, it is a toy so I will try your suggestion and see if it works. If it looks funny, I’ll just start over.

Thank you so much!

No, not knitting in the round; I’m not that experienced yet :aww:

But, I will try knitting two stitches together and see if that gets me back on track.

Thank you!

Good luck. Try to watch that you do not get YO between stitches. You could put markers after every ten stitches. That would make it easy for you to quickly count every row to make sure you have not added any extra stitches. If you have 11 stitches between markers you know where the extra stitch was added.