Extra purls?

On my K2, P2 pattern, I knitted until my eyes crossed this weekend and dropped a few stitches. I tried to recover them and in the process gained a few extra purl stitches. (??!!) Is that possible? Same number of stitches across, different number down, I think, because the area is tighter compared to the other areas of the knitting. Does anyone know what might have happened?

Thank you for replying, I appreciate it. :heart:

Could it be possible that you picked up too many/too few stitches on the way up? I’m assuming that you recovered them using a crochet hook. I’m not sure I understand where these ‘too many purls’ are.

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Unfortunately I don’t have a crochet hook, so I stared really hard and guessed. It’s worked before, but I must have added a few purl stitches. It’s a scarf made up of K2, P2 across for 66 stitches. In one of the purl (vertical) rows is the spot where I have too many stitches. I did it until I had no more hanging horizontal pieces of yarn. Is that what should happen?

Likely, I’m being more confusing than clarifying… :frowning:

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I get what you mean. Each loop should get a bar, but it’s likely that the extra stitch is really somehow one stitch that got twisted or picked up twice. Is it really a major problem? I wouldn’t think it would show on a scarf unless you lay it out flat and examine it.

I’ve always fixed things, preferably on the knit side, with a crochet hook–let the stitch ladder down and bring it back up. Staring never worked very well for me. :rofling: sorry–couldn’t resist.

No, it’s really nothing to get wrinkle lines over. It’s my first project so I’m getting used to things like knits, purls, tension, … big knots, undoing stitches, poking people beside me with long knitting needles… :XX:

Besides, if anyone does see these kerfluffles in my knitting, they are too close!! Now that’s staring! :rofling:

I think I’ll just keep on for now. I’ve tried doing as much as I could with a letter opener. :rollseyes: Yes, feel free to laugh. I did. :smiley:

All I need now is a big ole vat of wrinkle cream!

By the way, what is the happy banana riding on?

It’s a llama. :rollseyes: We did the banana thing as a joke, but when I went back to my regular avatar I got complaints. He’s back by popular demand.

A first project is required to have mistakes! And if you can correct your knitting already with a letter opener, no less, you’re well on your way.