Has anyone else seen this? :teehee:


They’re terrific!

Heh. Clever!

I don’t know what a Dalek is, but they’re pretty cute!

that’s on my list, along with a stuffed TARDIS, finishing my scarf, Rose’s wrist warmers :yay:, and K-9 if i can ever find that book the pattern’s in. what can i say, i [I]have [/I]to have something to knit while watching classic Who! :teehee:


I’m totally, dismayed, disgusted, disappointed and completely disapprove of a FAWN COLOURED DALEK (K9 cover your eyes!). :!!!::!!!::!!!::grrr::grrr::grrr:I don’t know what the Doctor would say (whoever he happens to be these days).

Get onto them at once, DQ, and tell them to re-knit it Black - otherwise, we’ll be plagued with American knitters thinking it’s okay to knit a FAWN dalek - shudder.

Let me know when it’s gone, please!

The fawn isn’t a nice colour for a dalek really is it :teehee: Maybe a different colour…blue? Purple? Ooh, I’ve got a lot of pink in my stash! Hmm…


I think the fawn one was to represent the gold Dalek.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Gold [/COLOR]dalek!!! Bunch of woosies at the BBC!!! :pout:

In my day, it was [COLOR=Red]RED :teehee:[/COLOR]