Extending a pattern

Hi Everyone… I need your help…

I am working the attached pattern, but need to double/ triple the length of it.

I know that i’ll have to repeat round 20 to make the increases (and after kfb K6, 8 etc) and to follow the pattern but I don’t know where to start the next round. I’ve just finished row 28 of the original pattern and now don’t know whether to do row 29 or go back to somewhere else in the pattern to make it longer…

All I’ve worked out so far is that rows 12 - 17 are the same as rows 23 - 28.

Any suggestions would be most grateful!


Is it one of these patterns or can you tell us the source/designer?

It’s from a magazine called Simply Knit… I don’t know what issue or year as I ripped all the patterns out of the magazines and just filed the patterns.

It’s not from any of the ones on the list from

I’d recommend taking a look at what you have knit so far. See where you would prefer the repeat to start and then figure out which row that is. Without seeing the design spread out flat, it’s difficult to tell.

Doubling the length will also double the width, is your mug that big?
You need to measure your mug and calculate how many stitches you need to start and end with.
A very easy way to add length would be to work a rib or garter hem top and bottom.

I’m actually using this as a pattern for a pint glass holder.


23cm at bottom and 25cm round middle. 28 at top.
16.5cm height
6.5cm across bottom.

I was going to add a bottom, so the glass has somewhere to rest on and then add (double knitting hopefully) a long strap either side so it can be worn/ held say at a beer/ cider festival.

I wasn’t planning on knitting the holder to the full length of the pint glass - just either 3/4 or 2/3 of the length.

I split the Cabled Mug Hug pattern into 3 sections
Bottom Section Rounds 1-10 = increase 4sts
Center Section Rounds 11-19 = Repeat without shaping to desired length
Top Section Rounds 20-29 increase 4sts
This Garter Stitch Water Bottle Holder Pattern http://www.goddesscrochet.com/2018/07/26/water-bottle-holder-free-knitting-pattern/ might help you customize the Mug Hug pattern.