Explanation requested on lace stitch

Hi everyone!

I ran into a stitch series in a sock pattern I can’t figure out. Here it is:

“knit into third stitch on left-hand needle, then into 2nd stitch, then knit into 1st stitch, slipping all 3 stitches onto right needle together”

I cannot visualize how this works - could someone break it down for me? Thanks!

Susan in VA

Hi, Susan. I ran across this recently and it had me baffled too so I went to my favorite yarn store (Threaded Bliss, Brentwood, TN). Anyway, simply do exactly as it says. Knit into the third stitch over on the left. You do the pull-through, but don’t slide it off. Then it takes almost a little twist to get your needle knitwise into the stitch next to it (to the right of the one you just did). Do the same thing there. Knit into it, pull through, don’t slide off. Twist a little more into the first one at the end of the left needle, pull through, then slide them all off together. Practice on a bit of something first. It works, and makes a lovely twist.

It makes sort of a braided twist if you can visualize that…


It looks like from your explanation that the three “old” stitches aren’t slipped to right needle(as specified in the pattern), they are simply slipped off the left needle after all the “knit into’s” are completed. That is, you’ve just knitted three stitches onto the right needle and now you slip the old stitches off the left needle. Which means the original instructions need a little correcting, right?

I think it means to slip the 3 new stitches…? But they should already be there. :?? Yeah, it’s worded funny…