Explanation needed

So I’m trying cables
I’ve put a link to the pattern going ok so far I’m on row 23 :blush:
Looking ahead wondering about the finishing ?? Wetting the fabric to the schemic ? Googled blocking kinda lost ?
Can anyone shead some light on this ??
I’ve added both the bits I want to query below. Think I kinda get the wrap bit. But if you could put it in English would appreciate it.


Pin pieces to measurements as shown on schematic. Cover with a damp cloth and allow cloth to dry. Sew raglan seams. Sew side and sleeve seams. Weave in ends. Collar and Placket”

“Shape Collar
Note: When working short rows, for best results, wrap st immediately after ‘Turn’. When these wrapped sts are incorporated back into work, knit or purl into ‘wrap’ along with stitch to ‘hide’ wrap.”

You are getting way ahead of yourself. It’s good to read ahead, but don’t stress over things that will make more sense later.

It sounds pretty clearly written to me. You will be pinning it out to size and dampening it, letting it dry and then seaming. :thumbsup:

Here are some videos starting with wrap and turn that may help for the short rows. There are many ways to do them so see which you prefer. You can always test them out on a swatch.

Blocking is a way of setting your sts and evening them out. You would block to the measurements given in the schematic (or close to those numbers, as you prefer).

As Jan said, these things sometimes become clearer when you get to them.

Thanks for the help. I’ll look at the videos and come back closer to the blocking. :smile: