Explain please... newbit to patterns

Legs, Body and Head: Make 1

Beginning at the top of the head, cast on 40sts and knit 32 rows.

Place a coloured thread in the middle (approximately) of the last row to show where the neck is.

Knit a further 34 rows (total 66 rows)

Put a coloured thread at each end of the last row to show where the body stops and the legs start.

[B]Next row: Knit 20, turn
Knit a further 39 rows on these 20 sts. Cast off.

With right side facing, rejoin yarn to the other 20sts and knit 40 rows. Cast off [/B]

how do you not knit 20 stitches and not mess up your project:whoosh: ? and then how do you rejoin your yarn to the remaining twenty stitches when they don’t have a lose piece? this pattern seems really easy except for this part. it’s like it’s talking another language…:whoosh:



Leave the 20 sts, then when you have the 34 rows knit, take a yarn end and begin knitting on them. The yarn doesn’t have to be attached to anything except the first stitch.