Experimenting with circs

As a new knitter, I haven’t used circular needles yet. The Options sound great, but I’d hate to spend that money and find out that circs are just not for me. What would be a decent cheapie set to test drive? I tried to CO Sylvie’s sweater with circs but the join was awful on those and I immediately changed to straights.

Thanks in advance for any help… I’d really like to use circs because I’ve got a few larger projects in the wings.

If you want to you can get one single circ of Options to test drive. I did that and now I love them! Circs do take getting used to so don’t let that scare you away. Once you get used to them you probably won’t want to use straights anymore. :teehee:

Oh and if you want to get a set of circs locally… I’m not sure. I found that the cords drove me nuts on the Boyes, etc. :shrug:

I recommend holding off on the sets until you are sure you will be taking up knitting a lot and will need multiple needles sizes and cable lengths. People seem to like Addis… I say search the forum for non-set circulars to see what people like, and try a couple of different brands with good joins and your preference in tips. Then you’ll know more about what kind of needle you like.


I’d also recommend holding off on a set…but don’t try a cheap circ to determine whether or not you like them! A bad , cheap circ could spoil you on them, whereas you might fall in love with a good one. If that makes any sense. I would either buy an Addi or a single Options circ, and also a bamboo circ to try. Stay away from the cheap plastic ones!!

I tried a Boyes and hated it. The cord was just too stiff and wanted to curl up.

The Options are great. I haven’t used straights since I bought the Options.

I have lots of Boye’s and Susan Bates; I think they’re fine. The cords coiled up when new, but with use and dipping them in hot water, they straightened out a lot. Joining your knitting when using them is something that takes practice. You can knit flat for a row or two, then join and seam up those rows with the tail.


For me the easiest join is simply slipping the first stitch from one needle to the other and then the now second stitch on that one back over to the first needle.

I never even thought of that! :doh: That’s exactly what I just did - thanks for the help & ideas! :cheering:


I would go for the more expensive ones, because the cheaper ones are horrible.

I’m sorry, price isn’t necessarily a good indicator of good/bad quality for any item.