Experienced felter advice please

I just felted a purse. The lines of the knitting can just barely be seen.
Do you think this is ok? I mean if I wanted to be the quality to sell it?

I don’t want it any smaller (I’m a tight wad) but I don’t want to
sacrifice quality either. It’s dense enough that nothing will poke
through but I can just barely make out the lines of the knitting if
you know what I mean.

After a wool item has dried, can it be further felted if one changes
their mind?

Thanks for your help,

I have felted several things and this is what I have found. No, after something is dried you are stuck with however it came out, but remember, if you stick it back in hot water, it will shrink some more! As for the lines, you are an experienced knitter, think in terms of the lay person, do you think the stitches would be visable to someone not looking for them? I would suggest that if you do this handbag again, either make it bigger, use another wool that felts slower, or use two mediums like lash and felt so that part of the bag doesn’s shrink. Bottom line, is if the bag is attractive, why worry about if you can see lines.