Expensive yarn that you have to have

I was good - I only bought one skein to see how much I like it first

And it’s lovely to feel both luxuriously naughty AND thriftily virtuous at the same time! :wink: “I didn’t want to buy a full sweater’s worth when i don’t even know how it works up or whether I like to wear it or not…”

Trish, I do quite like the Cascade 220s, especially the heathers – nice colors, and 220 yards on each skein, at £6.49. And the Emu Superwash is a nice buy as well at £2.70 for 130 yards. I used the Cascade yarns to make helmet liners for the USO drive in Denver this weekend – hope mine make it in time, I sent them in yesterday. The workhorses are grand.

Its just that everyone, I can’t help feeling, should have the opp to totally go luxe at least a few times in their lives, and why not over yarn? :slight_smile:


Good luck with the spray and traps, but I don’t know if they’ll do you any good. These critters are fast, sneaky and highly motivated. Before you know it you’ve got lots of little skeinlings hopping around! :roflhard:

My big future splurge will be cashmere for socks for my three step-sons. I’m hoping that by stretching my budget to cover two skeins (at $40+ a skein) that they’ll take the hint and breed the rest! :thumbsup: The hard part, of course, is making sure you get a male and female hank of yarn.

Since I’ve never worked with cashmere before, especially for socks, if anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it.

Thanks and good luck with the traps!

Ruthie :knitting:

Seen this website, Ruthie? I intend to become a big consumer of their products… :slight_smile:

You are not alone. You are in the company of many yarnoholics! :happydance:

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard!!!:woot:

This in INCREDIBLE! Zina, you’ve made my week! :notworthy:

I’ve got to go back and spend more time on this site, but I was on a sensory overload and had to just stop! You can bet I bookmarked it faster than anything I ever bookmarked before!

So I went on and hid my credit card from myself while visions of all those incredible cashmere colors are dancing through my head! And the prices…sigh! I’m a happy camper!

Thanks so much for helping me to further my addiction in a budget conscious way! :hug:


The incredible thing about that website is that you can get them to put together your own blends of different fibers, colors, etc., too. I can hardly wait to get good enough to warrant buying from them!

My partner is originally from Yorkshire. He thinks it’s hilarious I’m willing to spend so much on wools. Where he grew up, it wasn’t uncommon for someone on the street to get heckled if they were wearing shoddy fibres in their clothing!

The most expensive I have used is Sock-Ease by Lionbrnad but it is the best sock yarn I have ever worked with.

I don’t spend more then 7 bucks on a skein of yarn. Im pretty cheap. However I’ve looked at this a lot


It’s so nice and pretty but OMG 80 bucks for a hank and 50 bucks for an once of roving? :thud: I’ve touched a lot of it knitted and in the skiens but that’s waaaaaay to much for me. I do want it but I’m to cheap to buy it

Yes - exactly! And speaking of Cascade 220, while I was in the Thousand Oaks store a lady came in to pick up some Cascade 220 she ordered. It looked so yummy! Anyway, the sales clerk said “So you will be needing the entire 33 skeins for you pattern?” and the lady said “Oh I don’t know. I don’t even have a pattern in mind yet.” :roflhard: 33 skeins is really overkill on the splurge for me though. oh . . . and they had such yummy colors of Malabrigo.

I guess I should give them name of the store unless we have any KH members near Thousand Oaks. The name of the store is Eva’s Needlework. They had a way better selection of truly hard to resist yarns than any store near me (thank God or I would be seriously broke).

rummages for receipt and can’t find it

I’ve seen the Cascade 220, and was longing after some, especially the heathered naturals. But then I got the Patons (correcting from Carons) Classic Wool for 100g, 220 yds, for $5.99, and you can’t really beat it, unless there’s something super-special. And, I can touch it and have instant gratification. The JoAnn’s is less than 4 miles from my house, as is a Hobby Lobby in the same plaza.

I will have to look for that Superwash in the States because that’s less expensive than I’ve seen most online. For gifting, I have to make things that are machine-washable, I’m pretty sure. It can be the delicate cycle on cold and hang to dry or dry flat, but hand wash is too much for most people, and I don’t care to have my loving work ruined.

There are a couple of LYSs around, but for now, if I’m going to be making stuff for gifts and practice, I probably need to stick with the local chain-store stuff.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t go on a road trip to some places (events?) after I get back from the sandbox and before my husband gets home.

Hi. My name is Ingrid and I’m a yarnaholic.

I try to justify it by being a frequent visitor to www.littleknits.com . Some great sales on some incredible yarn!

BTW, Ruthie: that site was one of the reasons why I kept agonizing over the purchase that started this thread. I kept thinking…okay, could I get them to put together the same mix of colors as in the Louisa Harding [I]Thalia[/I] yarn, only in cashmere for the pink and silk for the other colors, and have the effect be the same? But I figured even cashmere and silk would be heavier than the ribbon yarn.

Trish, the Heathers are really a fantastic value and they work up soooo nice. The helmet liners impressed even me, considering the low cost of the yarn. I believe that Cascade also does a 220 Superwash as well.

ETA: Ingrid, that’s the third person today to mention LittleKnits to me – I have to go check that out now, too!

For me, it’s not so much a specific brand of yarn, but when I see a really great deal on really nice yarn on Elann.com or Webs closeout and then I [I]must[/I] have it. For example this:


Fortunately in that case, my coworker who I taught to knit bought me a bag as a thank you for teaching her and telling her about Elann’s awesome yarn prices.

Aargh…must…stop…following…links…! :wink:

Ingrid I sent you a pm.

I completely drool over yarns that are so out of my reach it’s almost insane. Take this for example. I just want to pet it and know that it’s in my yarn cabinet.

I’ve spent almost $100 over the past year on sock yarn, and I have yet to make any socks. I also splurged on some Malabrigo right before Christmas, when I should have been spending money on other people, not myself. :teehee: But it was on sale, and it was purple, and the shipping was free, and therefore I just had to have it. That was the same week I bought 3 knitting books and a new set of needles. :aww:

So, no, you’re not alone. Not at all. :hug:

Well, here is a hint…which I hesitate to reveal because it is how I get much of my Schaefer… EBAY!!! I check ebay each and EVERY day for Schaefer. Just last week I got 4 skeins of Laurel for less than the cost of 2!!!

littleknits.com will occasionally have Schaefer on sale.

I met Erich Schaefer (of Schaefer yarn) through my job, he gave me some yarn as a “thank you” and I’ve been a total addict every since. I always joke with him and tell him the way to increase sales is to hand out skeins of yarn. One skein and you are hooked!!!:heart:

I’ve spent almost $100 over the past year on sock yarn, and I have yet to make any socks.


Today, I went into John Lewis because I haven’t been able to find a needle roll that works for me, nor a circular needle folder (I’ll probably end up making them). I had also decided to get some extremely inexpensive 50% wool/50% other stuff yarn to try making up a sweater I want to make as an experiment.

But lo, there by the register was a whole bin of sales stuff, including a whole bag of Debbie Bliss’s Stella yarn, which feels a bit crunchy and incredibly soft (silk, rayon, and cotton mix), in the most delectable soft pale pink ever. I asked, how much was it a ball? They said, 2.50 a ball. I put everything back and bought 14 balls!

Then on the way home it started raining cats and dogs, so I walked into a McDonald’s, bought a burger and a coke as my excuse, sat down and swatched the yarn with my new NI Options – yay!

Yummy, luxurious yarn, AND cheap. I’m happy happy happy.

Omigosh. The Thalia yarn that started this thread just arrived! It’s, it’s, it’s…beautiful. :heart:

I am surrounded by pink beauty this morning!